Credentialing Requirements and Instructions for First Choice Health Providers

For Oregon practitioners please submit credentialing applications and supporting documents to For Washington practitioners please utilize ProviderSource™ .

Thank you for choosing to partner with First Choice Health! Through the strength of our partnership, we can ensure Northwest USA's most frail and vulnerable members maintain healthy lives.

First Choice Health is a Seattle-based, physician and hospital owned company that serves the Northwestern United States. We have provided network, administrative and client services since 1985. Just under one million people use our array of products and services in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and select areas of North Dakota and South Dakota.

We have partnered with Medversant, a credentials verification organization, to ensure that the credentialing process provides you with an efficient way to submit all required documents.

Quick Tips

  • To ensure a quick and successful session, it is best to have all necessary documentation in PDF format at the time you access this portal. A checklist of documents needed is included in the application.
  • Your credentialing application is not completed until all necessary documents are uploaded.
  • At any time, you may stop the session. You may come back to complete at a later time.

We strongly encourage you to complete your application within 10 days of receipt of agreement and application as this will expedite the process.

Need help?

To obtain additional information about our initial credentialing or recredentialing requirements, please contact FCH PPO Credentialing Department at (800) 231-6935 or e-mail us at

If you have questions regarding provider contracting or how to obtain a “Sample Fee Schedule”, please call Provider Relations at (800) 231-6935.

For any questions about technical support, please contact

If you are a provider applying for a contract with the FCH Employee Assistance Program (for EAP, MAP, or PAP services), please visit the FCH EAP provider section here.

Credentialing Managers: Each practitioner application needs to have its own login.