Application/Credentialing Requirements and Instructions for MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare Providers

MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare is a Local Management Entity (LME) that currently manages county, state, and federal block grant funds to insure mental health, intellectual and developmental disability, and substance abuse services are available to the citizens of Mecklenburg County. Effective January 1, 2013, MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare will become a Managed Care Organization (MCO)/Pre-paid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP) responsible for managing Medicaid funds for all behavioral health services for Medicaid enrollees whose county of Medicaid eligibility is Mecklenburg county. This change will affect all Medicaid direct enrolled behavioral health Agency Providers, Group Practices, Licensed Independent Practitioners and Hospitals that provide inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department services to consumers with behavioral health needs.

  • Agencies must enroll through the MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare website.
  • Each licensed professional who provides services within an LME-MCO network must be credentialed by that LME-MCO.
  • Any licensed professional providing services in multiple LME-MCOs must be credentialed by each LME-MCO where that licensed professional practices.

  • Hospital Based Licensed Independent Practitioners must complete and submit the MeckLINK Uniform Licensed Independent Practitioner Application unless they only provide services in the ED or Inpatient Setting or when the Hospital has or is negotiating a Delegation Agreement for Credentialing with MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare.

  • For a licensed professional who is an independent practitioner, the completed credentialing application serves as the enrollment application.

  • A group practice must submit an enrollment application accompanied by the completed credentialing applications of each of its licensed practitioners. At least one of the licensed practitioners with the group practice must be credentialed by the LME-MCO to be contracted and enrolled in the network.

  • A licensed professional who is associated with more than one agency in the same LME-MCO catchment area may complete one credentialing application, copy it, and send the copy along with the enrollment application of each agency.

  • If an already credentialed licensed professional joins an agency practice after the licensed professional is credentialed, the agency and licensed professional must notify the LME-MCO.


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