About Us

Our Mission

We started with a simple but revolutionary concept. One provider, one record. Then we asked, what if the provider record was accurate and continuously checked for changes? What if the record was integrated and could be delivered where it was needed, in real time? That is the essence of Medversant.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Medversant is a pioneer in healthcare technology. We are dedicated to changing the paradigm in provider data management by delivering innovative technologies and services that centralize, standardize, automate, and integrate provider information for the benefit of all.

Our web-based provider data management platform automatically and continuously checks for changes in license, OIG status, DEA certification, contact information, and much more. Those changes are communicated in real time to those who need to know, preventing problems before they occur. Whether you are a government agency, healthcare organization, or medical provider, our solutions decrease cost and risk while increasing patient safety.

Our Formula for Your Success

• Services, not software. Medversant brings value to your organization from day one with specialized services uniquely adapted to solving your provider data management problem.
• Shared platform. Our services are provided through our Web-based platform, which we share with you. This creates greater transparency and seamless service delivery.
• One provider data management platform. One Source. No need to deal with multiple vendors, from data collection through completion audit.
• Value-based pricing. Medversant customizes pricing based on value and client needs, not on static packaging.