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Licensing State Healthcare Providers Just Got Easier

LicenseSource™ is the first fully automated, fully integrated, solution for managing the complexities of healthcare licensing.

Licensing Document Association
State Licensing Document Management


LicenseSource™ gives the ability to build workflows that connect state license data with other important state processes such as Medicaid enrollment, screening, and credentialing activities of government healthcare organizations. LicenseSource™ allows a full web-based interaction with healthcare licensees, making it easy for providers to apply, submit documentation, and pay processing fees.
  • An all-inclusive software solution where licensees can apply, renew, or modify license information
  • Fee collection is automatically calculated based on license type
  • Expedites license issuance with e-mail notifications that alert applicants of license status
  • Configurability ensures that internal and regulatory requirements are met based on the clients needs
State healthcare licensing software
"Using this technology, the state will have the capacity to immediately verify the credentials of a provider submitting a claim, ensuring that the claim is from a provider eligible for reimbursement under state Medicaid rules before the department issues payment."
- Janet Olszewski, Director at the Michigan Department of Community Health

LicenseSource™ Provider Data Verification

Medversant’s patented algorithm produces superior data accuracy based on primary and secondary source databases.
  • DEA/Licensure
  • OIG/SAM for sanctions
  • Demographics
  • Specialty
  • Affiliations
  • Death Master File
  • Education and Training

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