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The Most Accurate Provider Data
in Credentialing and Provider Data Management

ProviderIQ™ Delivers a Single Source of Truth

From Provider Enrollment and Credentialing to Network Building, Claims Payment, Provider Directories, and ultimately member satisfaction, Medversant brings you real solutions. We deliver accurate and current provider data for your organization available when and where you need it. Medversant offers a wide variety of dynamic solutions that fill in the gaps to drastically improve provider data management.

It All Starts Here – Superior Credentialing

  • Unlock a 360 degree provider view to manage your networks effectively
  • Dynamic electronic application ensures rapid data collection
  • One complete provider file verified from primary sources
  • Monthly automated verification and file updates of provider data through our patented technology
  • Workflow solutions that guarantee your providers meet network standard criteria
  • Find the right provider within a faster time frame
  • Pre-screen new providers
  • Quality provider support

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