Four Requirements to an Accurate Provider Directory

by Medversant Staff Writer

Posted on March 29, 2015

Provider Directory Software

There are four critical requirements to ensure provider directories are accurate and maintained to meet federal and state guidelines. What differentiates our technology from competitors is a complete provider directory solution including the most critical and unique component, which is provider data verification.

  • External data - This is data that providers self-report, through either ProviderSource™ or CAQH. In most cases, this is unverified, self-reported data. This likely does not meet the CMS guidelines. Medversant’s ProviderIQ™ is the only solution that captures and verifies external data.

  • Internal data – This is data that resides within your organizational systems: claims, credentialing, enrollment, and directories. The challenge is twofold. Most plans have a myriad of different internal data systems that do not easily share data. Secondly, no solution on the market can easily capture internal data without requiring expensive and disruptive integrations. Medversant’s ProviderIQ™ is the only solution that easily captures and verifies internal data.

  • Distribution Platform – Third party solution implementations are disruptive and expensive. These solutions rarely incorporate automated data verifications. Some of our clients have implemented these types of solutions and report taking 2+ years to integrate. Medversant’s ProviderIQ™ is the only solution that combines and pushes verified internal and external data back into your provider directories seamlessly.

  • Data Verification - ProviderIQ™ is the industry’s first solution that does more than just feed self-reported data into your directory. ProviderIQ™ is the only provider directory solution that captures both external and internal data, verifies both and pushes the accurate data back into your directories, without the disruption and expense of middleware. The main difference is the data verification. We are the only company that has patented technology and proprietary outreach methodology that allows us to verify primary sources to ensure the data you have is the most comprehensive and accurate at all times.
Now is the time to implement a provider directory solution to avoid paying fines for failing to meet federal and state compliance guidelines. Since our inception in 1999, Medversant has helped over 300+ healthcare clients to improve the accuracy of their provider data. Medversant guarantees accurate and continuously maintained provider directories - at 95% or greater. For more information about Medversant’s ProviderIQ™ Provider Directory Solution call 800.508.5799 or email

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