ProviderIQ™ Non-Responder Solution
Reduce your provider non-responder rate.

ProviderIQ™ Non-Responder Solution
Get Providers Back On Your Network

Provider Non-responder solution
Our patented technology in combination with
our U.S based provider outreach staff, enables us to significantly reduce your non-responder rate.

Non-Responder Solution Benefits

  • Reduces non-responder rates
  • Timely non-responder roster sent to insurer for internal decision escalation
  • Outreach attempts are recorded and time-stamped for audit purposes
  • Meets federal and state compliance regarding quarterly communications
  • Mitigates error and litigation risks
  • Reduces administrative cost
  • Co-branded communications
  • Increases member and provider satisfaction
  • NCQA and URAC accredited CVO

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