Provider Directory Solution

Meet compliance and your business objectives with real-time data.
provider directory compliance
provider directory software
Whether your organization offers commercial or Medicare/Medicaid health plans, ProviderIQ™ Provider Directory Solution ensures your members 95% provider data accuracy.

Provider Directory Solution

  • Real-time provider directory updates
  • Automates data collection and the verification of provider data against primary and secondary sources
  • A co-branded interface where providers can update their information: demographic, specialty, affiliations, languages spoken and other requirements
  • Pre-populates data from CAQH or from your internal databases
  • Enables you to determine the data elements you would like verified and how often
  • Matches products/plans to the appropriate provider
  • Produces corresponding date-stamped images for each verification completed
  • Monthly Medicare reconciliation, matching Medicare ID numbers including opt-in/opt-out
  • Meets state and federal provider directory compliance standards, such as CFR 422.111(b)(3)(i) and 422.112 (a)(1)
  • Increases member and provider satisfaction
  • Rapid implementation
CMS provider directory solution

Case Study:

An existing client entered a new market and tasked Medversant to cleanse and improve their provider data for 100,000 providers.
Medversant was able to:

  • Significantly increase quality and quantity of accurate data points;
  • Discover 20% additional provider data;
  • And dramatically increase the percentage of verified information in record time.

provider directory software

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